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Concealment wing

Concealment wing

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Concealment Wing Description:

This concealment wing is a great addition to any of our blem holsters. It is the perfect way to keep your firearm securely tucked away. With its adjustable design, it allows you to customize the fit of your holster so that it is comfortable and concealed. The rugged construction ensures that your holster remains secure and stable while you go about your day. The low-profile design also keeps it from showing under tight clothing or printing, making it an ideal option for everyday carry and concealed carry. It provides superior retention, giving you the peace of mind knowing your firearm is safe from prying eyes.

Whether you’re a law enforcement officer or just an armed citizen, this concealment wing for our kydex holsters has what it takes to keep you armed and ready.

It comes with standard mounting holes that will line up with any of our holsters. 

*** Please note that all of our standard IWB and AIWB holsters come with a concealment wing already and you only need to purchase this for our blem holsters. 

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